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Legislation and rulemaking

We regularly assist clients in analyzing the effects of bills and proposed legislation on their water rights. Curtis, Justus, & Zahedi, LLC’s lawyers have testified before legislative committees both in support and opposition to numerous pieces of legislation. Curtis, Justus, & Zahedi, LLC does not provide lobbying services; however, we can make referrals to lobbyists with experience in water issues.

Water administration agencies in Colorado and other states promulgate administrative rules on both procedural and substantive matters. The rules must be consistent with the statutes and constitutional provisions governing the agency. Agency rules can profoundly affect clients’ water operations and available remedies.

Most rules are developed with input from the public, and having a say in the development of the rules is often preferable to fighting their application after the fact. Curtis, Justus, & Zahedi, LLC assists clients in monitoring and participating in rulemakings and in appealing adverse agency rules to the Colorado courts for judicial review.